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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 29, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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more busted bolts on the bay brid bridge. the simple mistake that could be to blame for the new round of problems. >> starting out about 60 degrees just about everywhere. starting tomorrow, the warm-up begins. we're talking triple-digit heat in the next 72 hours. we'll give you the timeline for the changes. things were very calm until a few minutes ago. now we have a backup at the bay bridge and problem at the dublin interchange. we'll sort those two hot spots out, coming up. you'll find the embarcadero in san francisco. lots of cloud cover out there. this is the last mild day of the week, christina says rs on this wednesday, may 29th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marla tellez.
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buses carrying more than 100 parents, teachers and students will take off from the south bay, heading to the state capital to ask lawmakers for more help in education. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in san jose where he spoke to people about what they hope to get from this trip. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. buses have arrived, taking roughly 135 people, teachers, educators, might be a couple of students and parents here as well. this is organized by santa clara supervisor david cortese along with the silicon valley education. your first to sacramento? >> yes. >> what would you like to see come out of this? >> i'm merely excited to talk to the legislates and hear what they have in store for education, hear more about the local control funding formula and just financing in the state of california. >> reporter: and the local control funding formula, if
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people aren't familiar, is governor brown's proposal. >> yes. >> reporter: are you hopeful, optimistic? the state of education funding in recent years has not been what people want it to be. >> sure. i think everybody is hopeful. we're still waiting to see what local control has in store for all of us, changes and things are updated, how it's going to look for our district. i think everybody is hopeful. >> reporter: is there anything that gives you concern? >> i think whenever you're looking at school budgets, you're wanting to advocate for your kids, so the more, the better. just consistency of funding and knowing what's in store for our future is important. >> reporter: have a safe trip up there. around 135 people, buses should be leaving here in 15 minutes, 11th annual trip of its kind, just a day trip. they'll be coming back here tonight. reporting live in san jose, bob
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redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. scathing report accusing schools in silicon valley of failing latino and african-american students. a copy of the so-called broken promises report a day early. only 22% of latinos are algebra sufficient by the eighth grade. compare that to 24% of black students, 57% of white students and 76% of asian students. the report also shows close to one in five of these kids not ready for high school or college. santa clara superintendent says there's room for blame everywhere, including sacramento. >> i think it will certainly result in local boards having conversations and asking questions about what can be done. >> the report was issued by a group called innovative public schools. the group is funded by the
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walton family foundation and promotes education reform. major policy change affecting 1 billion users is on its way to facebook. the social networking giant is cracking down on hate speech. "today in the bay's" marianne favro is live outside facebook headquarters. and the bay area politician who has become a target of it all. marianne? >> reporter: good morning, marla. after getting many complaints from women's groups, facebook is changing its policy on posts that reflect violence against against women. and here is the statement from the vice president of global policy for facebook. it has become clear that our systems to identify and remove hate speech have failed to work as effectively as we would like, particularly around issues of gender-based hate. the guidelines used by these systems have failed to capture all the content that violates our standards. we need to do better. and we will.
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i checked online and so far this morning, 807 people have liked this statement on facebook. a policy change is in response to pressure from both activists and advertises. you may remember bay area congresswoman jackie spear alerted military brass about the marine facebook pages, making fun of sexual assault. now social media pages are targeting her. we caught up with her in a busy restaurant last night. here is what she had to say. >> all about doing the right thing. and i don't think that's the right thing. so i think that the military has a big job ahead of itself, cleaning up a very distorted culture that has been allowed to persist for decades. >> reporter: spear says as long as the marines are not using taxpayer dollars, they do have a right to first amendment, of course, and free expression. she said she will not be deterred by the personal attacks
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on her on social media. one of the things that facebook is doing is if you post something that is insensitive or cruel, facebook is now requiring you to reveal your authentic identity. facebook says they're really trying to balance free speech rights with the ability to monitor harmful contact. and that's really a tough thing -- tough balancing act. reporting live from menlo park, marianne favro, "today in the bay." back to you, marla. >> marianne, thank you so much. we are learning more about another problem on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. take a live look at the span right now. hundreds of bolts used to attach the railing for the bike path have broken. caltraltrans says the bolts hav been replaced. including the basic mistake that experts say contribute friday that problem. >> live shot, you can see it's rather gray outside, at least in san francisco. christina loren, it's a mild day
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on tap? >> it's a gray start. that's the reason why. natural coolant off the osteopathipacific. do count on losing visibility over the next couple of hours over your open water bridges. we could see flight delays as we did yesterday. right now everything is on time. not only out of san francisco but all your major airports across the nation are looking good. this is that time of year people do want to get out and travel. of course, we're getting into the summer months. kids have already graduated college, last week fwrad wawas graduation at san jose state and more graduations this week. prepare for a hot weekend. today the last mild day. starting out at 60 in san jose. 58 right now in concord. hour by hour at noon, 65 degrees inland. still a pretty good amount of cloud cover especially in the south bay. the sun will make a full-on appearance between 2:00 and
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4:00. 70 degrees bayside. at the coast, 62 degrees. half as much low cloud cover and a warmer day ahead. then we'll have no low cloud cover to start. make sure you stay tuned. seven-day forecast is coming up next. 6:08. the backup is coming on now. good morning to you, mike. >> it started early at the bay bridge toll plaza. 5:50 is when they turned on the metering lights, early for a wednesday. folks managing traffic up at traffic management division. they've turned them on. look at the backup toward west grand avenue now. the map will show you, though, the maze itself moving slowly through the toll plaza and approach up the incline. their design is to keep that bridge moving smoothly. and it is. it's a little slower. volume of traffic must be what they were expecting. looking over here toward 58 0, off 580 to southbound 680, somewhere along that connector, reports of a large piece of metal that hit somebody's car.
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you have to come out and check that out. we'll mark it on the map as well. be careful. not a lot of slowing as you're heading out, especially westbound out of livermore. into livermore we have slowing. isabel, all the way to sunol, past the pg&e plant. 680 will start to build soon. fremont, i've turned the camera. there's the crash that we had reported over there at mission. someone working underneath the hood there. they're completely out of lanes. waiting for help. not a lot of slowing. right there at mission, overpass at the top of your screen. san jose, north 101, approaching the key. chp report, a southbound 680 around mckee in the same general area. i'll check that out. it sounds like a car actually went off the on-ramp and into the bushes. we'll check on the status of the driver as well as the status of your commute. back to you. >> sounds good.
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6:09. dry ice blast at disneyland. what investigators are pinpointing today to track down the culprit of an explosion in toon town. and then bachmann bows out. why the tea party star is ending her political career, at least for now. >> apple makes the most logical of hires and why good house prices are even better than you think, coming up. >> taking a live look outside, little bit of cloud cover as we take a live look downtown san jose. see the cathedral there. it is 6:10 right now. a lot more news, weather and traffic ahead. stick around. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong
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at 6:12, time for a check of the day's top stories. feds investigating several active duty marines for allegedly threatening local congresswoman jackie spear through social media. spear has been outspoken about
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overhauling how the military handles sexual assault. the threats are rough in nature. more than 100 santa clara county residents are boarded buses right now to talk to state legislators about education funding. how money generated through sales and income taxes will be given to schools and colleges. disneyland reopens after an explosion in its toon town area. investigators reviewing surveillance video to find out what happened. the blast was likely caused by dry ice in a water bottle left in a trash can. luckily, no one was hurt. >> moving on now to business. apple has been under fire for years for its environmental practices. >> now the person who protected the environment as head of the epa will work for apple. scott mcgrew, pretty bold move. >> it is. you know you're a big company when you need an environmental expert and hiren: the former he
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of the environmental protection agency. before this cook, she reported directly to president obama. speaking of apple, tim cook talking about his experience before congress. he gave an interview last night as part of the wall street journal's all things digital conference, repeated his assertion that apple does not use tax tricks and called the experience an opportunity. as far as gadgetry, not a lot to report. cook does think wearable computing, like google glass, is interesting, but says he doesn't think any gadget is going to convince a young person to wear glasses or even a watch if he doesn't now. great day on the markets tuesday. futures calling for a lower opening, perhaps a bit of profit taking. dow closed 106 points higher and will open this morning the a new record, much of that due to unexpectedly good news about housing. if you live in the south bay or peninsula, here is why it's even better than you think. kay schiller says san francisco
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bay area prices rose 22% over the year, but case doesn't measure the south bay only the city and the east bay. the south bay has been doing even better than the city lately. so, good news for the city. should be great news for peninsula and south bay. secondly, laura and marla, three-month data from late winter. houses sell better in the summer. so, again, prices may be even higher than we expect. >> exactly. summertime when everybody makes their moves. >> because of schools. >> it will be interesting to see even three months from now. >> you got it. >> thank you very much, scott. cracking down on so-called swatting. state assembly approved a bill that carryies a fine of up to $2,000 and a year in jail for people who make those fake 911 calls. swatting has become popular with pranksteres, targeting the home of celebrities. the bill now goes to the state
6:16 am
senate. mostly in the l.a. area, a dozen swatting calls. back in february, clipper street in san mateo, officers were called because of a swatting prank. san mateo police say they've seen six swatting cases in the city over the past couple of years. for all you justin bieber fans out there, i know you're watching. justin bieber now under investigation for reckless driving after a former nfl star complained about the singer's speeding. johnson, seen on the left here, says he was outside in a gated community in calabasses when he saw bieber driving his ferrari at freeway speeds in a 25-mile-an-hour zone. he got in his prius and followed bieber to his home to confront him. he and another witness called sheriff's deputies who came to bieber's home. they plan to send the report to the l.a. county district attorney, which could bring misdemeanor charges against
6:17 am
bieber. >> little bieber. >> getting in trouble these days. clean up your act. >> 6:16 right now. >> i'm a belieber it's going to clear up about 2:00 pm. i know, i know. justin, our heart's still beating for you. hopefully, you'll get back on track. 6:17 right now. temperatures are looking good this morning. warmer than you might think when you're take iing a live look. old glory there getting a little bit of pickup, little breezy. winds have relaxed overnight. it's all about cloud cover that indicates cold start. however, what's happening, that cloud cover is trapping in the warmth from yesterday. serving as a blanket over the greater bay area. that's why we're starting out close to 60 degrees just about everywhere. those low clouds will limit the sunshine the first part of the day. that will keep temperatures cooler than average for just one more day. just want to point out we don't have any low clouds, reducing of visibility at the immediate surface just yet. you might find some heading over
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the open water bridges and higher elevations above 500 feet the next couple of hours. 57 to start in san francisco. 59, good morning to you in sunnyvale and 58 right here in san jose. really comfortable readings this morning. little breezy out there. wind winds have relaxed as this area of low pressure starts to move to the east. for us, high pressure moves in quickly. big, strong ridge about take our winds and turn them offshore throughout the next couple of days. dry, downsloping winds do create elevated fire danger in the area. couple that with the heat we're expecting and it can be kind of dangerous. you could see a red flag warning go up through the weekend. onshore flow keep that is moisture strong in our atmosphere. it's pretty nice. you can't beat 76 in livermore, 72 in fremont and 63 in san francisco. hey, all things in perspective. take a look at the climb. the difference between today and saturday, 20 degrees. we are going to jump in terms of your temperature. sunday, monday, tuesday, start
6:19 am
to level off a little bit. still hotter than average this time of year. giants/a's forecast next. let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. we'll take you to the south bay. overall, nice, pleasant northbound route. surface streets looking pretty good. very nice as well. it's just north 101, where we see that slowing. earlier camera shot from 680 up toward 880. that's where we see things hitting and sticking for the morning commute. south 680, mckee, reports of a crash there. details coming in now. on-ramp to southbound 680 from mckee. concern here, car went off a road reportedly into the bushes. chp has arrived. they're not sure about injuries but it does sound like they should be at least okay, nothing serious. but we're tracking that. that's an issue if you're getting on to south 680. if you're on the freeway itself, not a problem down toward that 280 interchange, that's more of
6:20 am
a concern. good amount of slowing now, speeds over in the 50s toward dublin and pleasanton. 880 sorted itself out. no major issues until you get to south 680. earlier debris reported. now a crash. no injuries. activity as you're heading south 680 from west 580. now slowing around that interchange. foster city side, things moving smoothly across 92. dumbarton bridge. getting to the peninsula and the peninsula itself, no problems. oakland, live shot there shows you past the coliseum, things moving smoothly. high street off-ramp is not impeded. smooth drive up to the bay bridge toll plaza, backup to about west grand. back to you. >> mike, thanks. 80-year-old's record as the oldest person to conquer mt. everest is still in tact this morning. he reached the summit last week.
6:21 am
that record could have been broken this week by an 81-year-old man from nepal but his trip has been canceled due to bad weather conditions on the mountain. by the way, today is the 60th anniversary of the first climb to the everest summit. to celebrate, former mt. everest climbers road through kathmandu holding banners. what an accomplishment. >> no kidding. 6:21. coming up, mom's in charge. new trend when it comes to topt earners of families. after serious consideration, i am confident that this is the right decision. >> and tea party favorite bows out of politics for now. we'll tell you why michele bachmann says she's not seeking another term.
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happening now at 6:24. hurricane watch in effect for a portion of the coastline. the alert covers much of mexico's western coastline. u.s. national hurricane center says the storm could be near hurricane strength before it makes landfall. severe weather, including possible tornadoes like this one in kansas yesterday could impact areas from central texas all the way to the great lakes. the national weather service says the central united states could see tornadoes, heavy thunderstorms, hail and high winds today and tomorrow.
6:25 am
the warning signs aren't as bad as the moore, oklahoma, twister last week. massive explosion moments after a train derailed outside of baltimore. take a look. >> back up. oh, my god. >> back up quickly. the video was shot by a passenger inside a car traveling toward the crash site. that train went off its tracks. no toxic inhalants were found at the site. the truck driver is in serious condition this morning. tea party icon michele bachmann has announced she will not seek another term in congress. making the noungsment a couple of hours ago in a video on her website. she says her decision was not based on concerns about getting
6:26 am
re-elected or recent allegations of campaign finance abuse in her presidential campaign. bachmann ran unsuccessful for the republican presidential nomination last year. bring home the bacon and fry it in the pan. moms are the breadwinners in 33% of homes. up 11% from 1960. married mothers who have a higher income than their husbands and nearly 9 million are single mothers. the public certainly has() mix feelings about women working outside of the home. according to a survey, about 1,000 adults, about 67% say it has made it easier for their families to live comfortably. 50% say it make it is harder for marriages to be successful. and 74% say it makes it harder for parents to raise children. >> tough balance. always. >> yeah. >> 6:26 right now. life or death decision for
6:27 am
california school kids. the ruling on who will be allowed to give diabetic students life-saving shots on campus. >> and a railing fail on the new bay bridge as we give you a new live look at the span right now. common mistake behind the new round of busted bolts on the eastern span. and if you haven't made it up to look outside this morning, we're giving you a live view this morning. cloud cover. changes on the forecast. time to soon blow up that kiddy pool. it will get hot this weekend. coming up with christina, 6:27.
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6:29 am
could more busted bolts on the bay bridge be a sign of a bigger issue? mike inouye goes in depth about a new round of problems on the new eastern span. plus the courtroom decision that could mean the difference between life and death for diabetic students at california schools. have the markets been make
6:30 am
ing a rally or what? you may want to check your 401(k) this morning. this is "today in the bay." good morning and welcome to wednesday. it is 6:30. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. even more bolts are failing on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. this time, it's the bolts along the new bike lane that are prompt i prompting some major concerns. for new details on the issue, let's check in now with traffic anchor mike inwith way live in our studio. good morning, mike. >> good morning, good morning. we'll start, laura, with the newer issue being blamed on -- it's a basic mistake. crews are welding bolts firmly into place. that's what you think they would want to do for safety sake. unfortunately they need to allow a little bit of space for natural expansion when the weather gets hot.
6:31 am
live look at the eastern span this morning. dozens of one-inch diameter bolts have been sheared off, broken along the bikeway. bolts have been removed and replaced already. dealing with other issues on the newer eastern span, including steel rods in the base of the tower, which may add the risk of cracking there. 32 of those rods, in fact, have already broken and caltrans is doing tests to determine of 2,000 more across the bay bridge. the grand reopening was set for labor day but that's under review right now. most important is reassuring the safety for people that will use the bridge. that means you guys and me included. caltrans will update us on the issue this morning. we'll bring you that update, of course. nbc bay area news at 11:00. i'll be up in a couple of minutes with a look at your morning commute, because that's
6:32 am
building as well. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:31. it could be a life or death situation for thousands of california school children later today, the state supreme court will hear arguments over who can administer insulin shots to kids with diabetes. right now, the law allows teachers, administrators and nurses to administer insulin. the california nurses association wants to change that so only certified nurses can give the sometimes life-saving shots. but parents in the american diabetes association argue that school employees, who are trained to give the shots, should be allowed to since many schools have only one nurse or none at all. a new bill expanding who can perform abortions in california has been passed. and it's on its way to the state senate. the bill would allow nondoctors such as nurse practitioners, midwives and physician's assistants to perform certain abortions during the first trimester. it could increase the risk to patients. data from the trial showed both
6:33 am
doctors and nondoctors performing the procedure with low error rates. 6:32. walmart is owning up to environmental crimes in california and missouri. the world's largest retailer admitted in court yesterday it violated the clean water act. according to california court documents, before 2006, the company did not have guidelines or offer employee training for hazardous waste management and disposal. toxic materials were discarded in trash bins or just poured into the local sewer system. the arkansas-based company will now pay a combined penalty of more than $110 million. >> i think i will enjoy this cloud cover morning we're having. that sun is coming. >> speaking like a woman who saw the seven-day. yeah, it's coming in. major warm-up headed our way. marla and laura, good morning. good morning to you at home. san rafael, overcast sky. pretty start to the day here. san francisco right now. plenty of stratus, also looking very picturesque to start your
6:34 am
wednesday. hopefully, an abbreviated workweek for you. temperatures are nice and mild. 59 degrees, close to 60. 57 in livermore and san francisco. oakland as well. here is what you can expect today in the bay. temperatures will climb nicely. in fact, by about noon. we'll be at 65 degrees inland, rounding out the day right around 76 degrees. 62 degrees at the coast where the giants will be taking on the a's later on tonight. catch that game right here on nbc bay area. you know when we are in the park, we do it big. all that action starts at 7:00 pm right here. you don't have to change the channel until then. 55 degrees at 8:00 pm. if you are one of the a's or giants fans headed out to the game, bring a sweater with you. it will be breezy. let's go, giants. official home right here at nbc bay area. nbc bay area traffic reporter now mike inouye with your drive. >> let's take a look. we'll warn folks about traffic around at&t park. bay bridge over to the oakland side will start to build as well
6:35 am
for the evening. right now, we're focused on the morning commute. current span, current bay bridge toll plaza with the current backup. looking at a smooth drive, though, map shows you there is an issue. crash reported at the toll plaza looks like it has just cleared lanes. didn't see anything on our cameras. couldn't tell anything from that shot basically. we have another issue now reported just in to chp, west 580. there's a crash there as well. connector ramp is open. it will follow this up. no injuries reported. this is still early stage. it's just been reported. we're also showing more slowing headed over to that dublin interchange and 680 through sunol for the build. quick look at live san hojose. 101, looks like it's in flux between 680 and mckee, big jam. backup start iing to build here. that's your traditional spot. overall, looks pretty smooth. >> thanks, mike. a mother speaks out about how her baby wound up stuck inside a sewage pipe.
6:36 am
why she says she kept her pregnancy a secret and what authorities found that helped them track her down. taking a live look outside. that's that cloud cover we're talking about, hovering over much of the bay area this morning, including at the golden gate bridge. traffic appears to be moving pretty smooth there now. taking a live look. move into the south bay. starting to clear up. warm temperatures, they are coming as we witnessed eed in christina loren's seven-day. so happy to have you with us this morning. 6:36. more news ahead. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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i...i mean,
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and we are watching the skies out there this morning. live look out there. beautiful start to our morning. kind of enjoying the cloud cover as well. it is 6:39. >> prosecutors have opened a terrorism investigation after a soldier was slashed in the throat saturday while on patrol. 22-year-old man is under arrest for this attack, which came days after an off-duty british soldier was hacked to death by a man with a meat cleaver in london. mother of a newborn found inside the sewer pipe in china says she secretly delivered the child saturday in a toilet. we showed you this dramatic video of a rescue yesterday. the mother says she tried to catch the baby but he slipped
6:40 am
into the sewer line. she confessed after police found items in her room. she said she got pregnant after a one-night stand and couldn't afford an abortion. she wore loose clothing to hide that pregnancy from her parents. the 6-pound baby is doing well. it was two days old when it was found in that pipe. truly a blessing that that baby is okay and deserves to be in better hands. >> so nice to see the baby cleaned up. >> what a miracle. >> absolutely a miracle. fighting for education funding. how advocates are taking their fight all the way to the capital. facebook, overnight crackdown on hate speech against women. take a look at washington and pork and the markets took back everything it gained yesterday. low stratus clouds filling in our inland valleys this
6:41 am
morning. 59 degrees here. last day of our natural coolant. the heat cranks. starting tomorrow, how hot it's going to get where you live. san mateo bridge. what did she call them, stratus? i don't know. dodge stratus moving across the san mateo bridge. ♪
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6:43 am
(alarm clock buzzer) ♪ (announcer) friskies. now serving breakfast. you're watching 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." new this morning, more than 100 parents, educators and students headed to the capital right now to ask for help in education funding.
6:44 am
bob redell spoke to those as they were leaving this morning. >> reporter: educators, parents on board. three bus will be leaving the east ridge mall location at any moment. they have meetings with bay area legislators as well as legislators from the rest of the state of california. the goal is to convince these lawmakers to not make any more cuts to education and be able to talk about how new funds should be spent. now, this is not the first time this trip has been done. this is actually the 11th year the trip has been put on by the silicon valley education foundation and santa clara supervisor dave cortese. >> over the top wish, it would be to equalifyize education. how much money there is per student ada in one district versus another. >> reporter: and there are other people part of this trip who
6:45 am
have maybe more personal needs. we talked to a couple of people who are trying to get funding and support for certain types of educational software and e-textbooks. teachers who just want to impose upon the legislators how important it is to keep these classrooms funded because they are the eyes and ears to the students out here. and, of course, they will reiterate to these legislators the future of this next generation shall the future of this country. buses are supposed to be leaving at any moment from the east ridge mall location. this is a day trip. they will be returning back some time later tonight. just over 100 people, roughly 113 actually on this trip for the 11th year. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." the sun is up. it's hard to tell because of all the cloud cover out there. >> come this weekend you might be longing for it. yeah. that's our natural ac, as you ladies know. you've been here for a while. marla has been here her entire life. in wine country where you're
6:46 am
from, marla, looking pretty good today. going to be wrmer than yesterday. you'll probably notice a difference, especially if you live in the extreme east bay where temperatures are going to warm up. that natural kcoolant not movin. live picture here. show you kind of the different perspectives in san francisco. so you can see the golden gate bridge here off in the distance. you see the low clouds lurking to the north. let's take it live to the golden gate bridge, show you how that looks. mostly cloudy conditions here. you don't have reduced visibility, at least in this shot of the golden fwat bridge. you may encounter low clouds as you head up the coastline, especially along one throughout the morning. winds really starting to relax. dense low cloud cover is able to settle right to the surface. temperatures are mild, though. clouds also serving as a blanket this morning. upper 50s just about everywhere. 55 in gilroy and 59 in san hojo. the jet stream starting to head back to the north. for us, that means high pressure will move in.
6:47 am
this is a big, strong ridge of high pressure. this will tack on an additional 10 degrees to your high from today as we get into your thursday. then we keep on climbing all the way through saturday. that looks to be the warmest. we get these lower humidities because of the drying downsloping winds. we will see elevated fire danger especially friday, saturday, sunday. those look to be the warmest days in the extended period. keep that in mind if you're camping this weekend. a lot of people will be. make sure that campfire is completely out before you leave it. 80 in fairfield. 75 concord, 72 east shore in fremont. comfortable conditions today in the city. not too cold there. yeah. you might be heading to the city, looking for the cooler weather as we get into the weekend. we'll only see the mid 70s, low 70s saturday and sunday at the beach. really great beach weather but hot inland. ac time. it's that time of year, mike. get ready for it. >> also go to the grocery store, tell them you're browsing for popsicle always a nice, cool area. south bay, north 85 showing
6:48 am
a slowdown. speeds from 17 up toward saratoga, speeds registering close to 50 miles an hour. just a burst of traffic likely off the 17 and 85 but will track that 87 into downtown. 101 basically from 680 up toward the airport. see the outline of that on the map here. that is a slow zone, typical for the morning commute. the crash we talked about southbound 680 at mckee road. there is no issue there, according to chp. the car that reportedly went into the trees is not there anymore. it's easier to get a car out of trees than it is to get a cat in the cartoons. tri-valley slow west 58 0, may be a crash 680 south. it's not in the lanes or adding to the slowdown. the issue is the volume of traffic now. pleasanton into sunol, south 680. typical of your morning commute. over toward the peninsula. let's get a live look at palo
6:49 am
alto. traffic volume very light right here. this is northbound. here is southbound. metering lights are in effect. on-ramp at university southbound 101. that will be the case along the peninsula, keeping things smoother over there. bay bridge toll plaza, smooth drive as well. metering lights turned on just before 6:00. traffic about to west grand avenue making its way toward the maze. earlier crash i told you about highway 24 off 580, that is not in lanes and there's no additional slowing approaching the maze. another look at the east shore freeway as well. we see the volume of traffic really starting to build. we see slowing coming out of richmond, past the racetrack here, golden gate fields with the sign. smoother drive. once you pass university, things start to spread out a bit and you get a bit of a relief before you get to the berkeley curve, where it's slow again. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 55-year-old man on the peninsula is in jail accused of attacking his landlord with bear repellant. police say steven plummer confronted the property manager and worker about noise they were
6:50 am
making while taking care of maintenance work the a belmont apartment complex. that's when officers say plummer hit the landlord, then used a stronger than normal pepper spray that's also used as bear repellant. plummer is being charged with assault, misuse of tear gas and possessing tear gas. a nonprofit sailing organization remains dock this had morning after thieves stole motors right off boats in the san francisco bay. police say someone cut through cables and stole five motors from pier 40 monday night. the motors belonged to the bay area association of disabled sailors or baads, used to power safety boats. without those boats, veterans with disabilities who sail with the group, like christina rube-key can't hit the water. police say they found the motors but it's unclear if they're still in working conditions. fixing one of those boats is expected to cost a few thousand dollars. we could find out whether or not berkeley police officers may one day be equipped with tasers.
6:51 am
in march berkeley police association e-mailed surveys to almost 20,000 voters to see how the community feels about officers using tasers. this morning, the association will release the results of that survey. a spokeswoman for berkeley pd says there's no immediate plan for the department to use tasers, but the survey does get the conversation started. >> san jose is not offering raises to police officers in its final proposal sent to arbitrators. the city offered a 9% pay hike to officers a few weeks ago. now the city says measure v prevents arbitrators from giving out raises that are higher than the city's revenue over the past five years. the city says revenue grew over 1% in the past five years. one in nine california bridges is instrustructurally deficient, including 9% of those in santa clara county according to a national report card on american infrastructure in california. more than 4,000 bridges are considered functionally
6:52 am
obsolete. 137 bridges in santa clara county have parts that need to be repaired or replaced. we should point out bridges considered structural ly deficient are not necessarily in danger of collapse. many states have been reviewing their bridges after that major collapse of that bridge up in washington. a temporary fix for that bridge should be installed by mid june. 6:52. major policy change affecting 1 billion users is on its way to facebook. social networking giant is cracking down on hate speech. "today in the bay's" marianne favro is live in menlo park with the overnight changes and what prompted them. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. facebook announced it will change its policy on post that is make light of violence against women. in a statement posted online today, the vice president of global policy for facebook said it has become clear that our systems to identify and remove hate speech have failed to work as effectively as we wouldú li, particularly around issues of
6:53 am
gender-based hate. the guidelines used by these systems have failed to capture all the content that violates our standards. we need to do better and we will. i just checked. so far this morning, 840 people have liked this statement on facebo facebook. the policy change is in response to pressure from both activists and advertisers. 15 companies pulled their ads from facebook as a result of these comments. bay area congresswoman jackie spear alerted military brass about the marine facebook pages, making fun of sexual assault and now social media pages, rather, are targeting her. we caught up with her in a busy restaurant last night. here is what she had to say. >> i don't think that's the right thing. so i think that the military has a big job ahead of itself, cleaning up a very distorted culture that has been allowed to
6:54 am
persist for decades. >> reporter: spear says as long as marines aren't using taxpayer dollars they have a first amendment right to free expression, but she says she's concerned that military personnel would be expressing gender discrimination attitudes that have no place in today's military. facebook says they're going to do two things. first of all, they're going to handle many more complaints and process them. and they say if for some reason there is some egregious material that is posted, women's advocacy groups will have a direct link to the social network to get those posts down as soon as possible. reporting live in menlo park, marianne favro, "today in the bay." >> thank you, marianne. controversy over foreign ownership of america's food supply. >> scott mcgrew, washington is very concerned. >> a chinese company, laura, has just purchased america's biggest pork producer, smithfield foods, for nearly $5 billion.
6:55 am
the federal government may step in to stop it. smithfield is important to the american food chain. it's believed the chinese are interested in that company because they are such a huge consumer of pork, but their food safety system is really a disaster. just one of the business stories we'll be watching this morning. the markets are taking a breather. in fact, giving back on the dow all 100 points that the dow earned tuesday. also, let's talk about yester y yesterday's launch of the soyez capsule carrying that minnesota mom to the international space station along with an italian and a russian. they were able to dock safely. there is karen as she boards. prerecorded all kinds of books for her son. her husband is also an astronaut. he will be staying down with the children -- or the son, rather, as mom is up in the iss for six months, marla. >> impressive. >> goes along with that study with 40% of u.s. women -- >> bringing home the bacon.
6:56 am
>> there you go. >> thank you. it will be easier for food trucks and other mobile vendors to do business in mountainview. city council is approving a new streamline process for vendors. they'll have to get just one permit if they want to set up shop downtown in a public or private space. vendors will not be allowed on certain stretches of busy streets including castro, dana and villa streets. vendor will be allowed to operate between 7:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. groundbreaking ceremony will be held this morning at site of what will be the new san francisco museum of modern art. we've got images of what the new 225,000 square foot museum will look like when it's completed in 2016. today's event also kicks off the museum's countdown celebration, four-day public event where people can visit the museum for free, starting tomorrow. the museum will close its doors june 3rd until its new home is
6:57 am
complete. but there will be traveling exhibits throughout the bay area. this morning, each contestant in the scripps national spelling bee will get to spell two words on stage. among the competitors are these two from the bay area from cupertino and audrey bantong on the left. each are doing well, each having spelled one word correctly. preliminary rounds will now include a vocabulary component, meaning students must not only spell the words correctly, they must know what they mean as well. this is the first time in the bee's 86-year history that vocabulary will be part of the scoring. >> checking it this morning. of that 278 only eight were eliminated from the rounds. doing very well. >> they spell ee eed prosciutto correctly. >> what about the cumulus nimbus
6:58 am
out there this morning? >> that also sounds delicious. nice and comfortable out there. this afternoon, we're talking about beautiful conditions temperaturewise. clouds are going to be out there for at least half the day even inland today. mostly cloudy conditions by noon, mix of sun and clouds. by 4:00, sunshine. inla inland, bayside, 70, 62 at the coast. mike is on the job. what are you watching for us? >> by 4:00, sunshine, but you also talked about the changing conditions. note, these folks across the golden gate bridge still have those headlights on. you might encounter darker spots as those clouds drift around. be prepared. smooth triev into the city. we'll show you a slower drive in the east bay as folks coming off the castro valley y. speeds are different down into the 50s as you travel through hayward. fremont still moving close to the limit. south bay, northbound slowdowns, guys. back to you. >> time now for a final check of the day's top stories.
6:59 am
more than 100 teachers, parents and students from the south bay are on board a bus right now, bound for sacramento, to talk about education funding with state lawmakers. annual trip is spearhead by the silicon valley foundation. jackie spear says she is being targeted by active-duty marines, making threats on facebook. spear believes the threats are in retaliation for her alerting military officials about marines facebook pages that made fun of sexual assault. caltrans is replacing another set of bolts on the new span of the bay bridge. the bolts along with caps installed on the bike path were improperly installed, causing them to break. the metropolitan transportation commission will get an update on that and other bolt replacement projects a little bit later today. of course, we'll have those new details on the bay bridge coming up in our next newscast, nbc bay area news at 11:00 this morning. >> we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. that's what's happening "today
7:00 am
in the bay." >> have a great day. good morning. breaking news. a bombshell announcement from michele bachmann, the tea party favorite says she won't seek another term in congress. >> my future is full. it is limitless. >> but with a swirl of controversy surrounding her, will that future include politi? blast on the tracks. new video released overnight of a train carrying hazardous materials exploding in maryland. >> oh, my god. >> what went wrong? federal investigators are on the scene today. and is this the face of a drug smuggler? the american mother behind bars in mexico accused of trying


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